The Korean cuisine is rich in seafood, vegetable side dishes (banchan) like Gimchi and is characterized by an abundant use of spicy peppers, garlic and sesame oil from. The rice are often other cereals and pulses added.

Famous dishes include Bulgogi (on a special table barbecue cooked beef), Gimbab (Korean maki), Mandu (ravioli) and naengmyeon (cold noodles). Eating out is relatively cheap in Korea and restaurants often have a few dishes, which they then also be good and freshly prepared.

Directly at sea or in major fish markets can Hwae (Korean sashimi) eat, unlike the Japanese version with spicy dips is offered. Very tasty!

The unfiltered rice wine, as Makkori and Dongdongju, are often in traditional restaurants or small stalls in the mountains offered


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  1. That is a really pretty picture. Where was it taken?

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