Communication technology

South Korea is the world’s most connected “information society” leading or tied for top rankings in each of internet use, internet penetration, broadband penetration, mobile phone ownership, 3G mobile telecoms, WiFi hotspots and WiBro (Mobile WiMax) coverage. The ensuing ecosystem for online always-on services is a unique testbed for concepts for the future, including such areas as intelligent bridges with self-diagnostics, the automated parking place finder, the intelligent floors for hospitals, etc. The South Korean government has pushed very hard for eGovernment initiatives to provide most government services online. The economy from TV to advertising to banking to the automobile sector has embraced wireless broadband connectivity offering everything from digital broadcast TV to handhelds and cars, to over half of South Koreans using payment systems on their mobile phones. The first book to discuss the telecoms and digital convergence innovations of South Korea is Digital Korea by Ahonen and O’Reilly in 2007.